Does a Keyword Planner Do All of These Things to Make Your Head Spin?

Does a Keyword Planner Do All of These Things to Make Your Head Spin?

What does a keyword planner do that others cannot? It is an online program that searches millions of keyword phrases. These are the words and phrases people search when searching for information on keywords. There are so many of them and there are billions of searches done daily. The job of a search engine optimizer (SEO) is to make sure you are listed in these searches. This is how they can do all of these other things, aside from keyword research:

The keyword planner can do all of these things except help you with search volume. They will provide quality score estimates and then provide quality score estimates and keyword suggestions to you. They can provide you with these in a variety of ways. Some may provide a spreadsheet. Others may provide a report of their findings and recommendations for what to do next.

The Keyword Planner: All SEO Tools in One

A keyword planner is a great tool for any SEO professional who needs to know what keyword searches are trending or which keywords are most popular. You can use it to find new keyword opportunities and track keyword progress over time, and it will even give you the top queries for your competition. With so many features available in one place, there’s no reason not to start using this handy tool today!

All SEO Tools in One

Other SEO programs will send you emails with suggested searches and how to best optimize your website for those keywords. A keyword planner can do all of these other things except provide you with the results. Some keyword planners can even give you a daily report on keyword search, or provide you with a calendar that shows when certain keywords have been searched for the most in a certain time frame. You just have to choose which one meets your needs.

  • Some keyword suggestion tools will allow you to download data from websites that offer them as a service. This can be very beneficial for helping you optimize your website, especially if you have a decent amount of relevant backlinks already available from websites that have chosen the same niche.
  • Other SEO programs will let you know which keywords are helping you get the most traffic. These programs will also let you know which of these amazing features is working for you.

Most keyword suggestion tools will tell you the number of searches done for each keyword phrase over a certain time frame. They will also tell you the search volume at different keyword combinations. These numbers can provide an incredible amount of information about the profitability of those keywords. For example, if you entered the keyword “motor insurance” in the search box and watched the data for a day, you might see that the keyword “motor insurance” had several hundred million searches over the course of the day. The number of searches done for those keywords plus the amount of money advertisers are willing to pay for them will give you an idea of the profitability of your site.

Tool Quality Score Estimates

Google Ads - quality score

Do you want to know the keyword phrases that are valuable and keyword phrases that aren’t? You can find this information with a keyword tool like a keyword planner. These types of tools usually have an option to show you trending data, which means that over the past several months the keyword has shown a lot of activity. You can also see how much competition there is for the keyword phrase “motor insurance.” And if you can find keywords that have a lot of searches over a given time frame, but not enough searches over a long-term period, this can be a great indication that the phrase is not as valuable.

In order to use a keyword tool properly, you will need to understand how to read it correctly. If you only get a couple of lines or a couple of figures, don’t waste your time with it. Instead, find another program or tool that will provide quality score estimates and a decent amount of information about the profitability of your chosen keywords. When you have the right tools, you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration because you’ll know ahead of time if a keyword is worthwhile or not.